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User: Keith

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PostIt's That Time Again Posted: 2016/03/20 8:33pm  Reply with quote

I have already been out on a couple of the warm days this year, but my argument, as always, is one of responsibility, or the lack of, when it comes to doing your job when driving.

Over the past years I have pointed out that in-attention, the me first attitude is everywhere and dangerous when you are on the road.

The new, unenforced law about hand held electronic devices ( cell Phones ) has move them from eye level, into your lap.

It's worse now, and everyone of us can easily point out these people from afar.

The problems have already begun for 2016.

" Suv Slams into bike that is stopped at a red light."

My favorite comments are;

It'll be the same old excuse... "I just didn't see him!"..... the SUV driver will get a slap on the wrist and the biker will continue to pay the price for the other drivers inability to watch the damn road.. Get off the phone, quit playing with the radio, stop putting on your lipstick, stop turning around to talk to the person in the back seat, leave the damn french fry on the floor, for crying out loud just drive your damn car!

I remember the attitude of the general public in the 70's and before that. Whenever someone was killed by a drunk driver we always felt sorry for the drunk because, "imagine how bad he will feel after he sobers up". These days people make the same assumption about people hitting bikers, cyclists and pedestrians because "they just didn't see them". Poor lady, imagine how bad she must feel after putting that guy in the hospital... if only she wasn't looking at her cell phone; putting on make-up; yelling at the children in the back seat; tired from a long work week; in a hurry; speeding; complacent in paying attention; hungry; irritated with the presidential election; etc.
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