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User: Keith

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PostA big ol wad of Gum Posted: 2016/11/30 7:44pm  Reply with quote

Whenever I see TV, I find it's like an open soar that is constantly poked at me.

That media outlet obviously focuses on the mass marketplace, ( you and I ) and is all about selling. Constant ad, after ad, after ad, after ad, after ad, after flippn ad.

At home, I am paying for this aggravation.

Someone pays to broadcast their junk, and I pay to receive the broadcast of their junk.

Whenever I walk by a tv that is on, I see that the level of intellect that is directed at the target audience leaves me lost.

I cant seem to find any common ground with the people who mind rot and subscribe to the WOOOOOO's! of the audience. Really ! It's that overwhelming to you all ?

So I surf the internet for REAL NEWS, and I know that they all have their own different biases.

At least here on line, I can filter out 95% of the ad's, simply by not constantly updating Flash player.

Sure some of the web content will not load, and it is because of, THE AD"S HAVE TO RUN FIRST requirement. And why do I always have to click to read more of the 7 or 8 word story behind the headlines?

Interested in a story ?

Try other news sources like RT ( Russian Times ). Their bias at least does not preclude that you have to watch a American advertisement first.

Cant get the story from the union leader, or the Telegraph, or the concord monitor, or usa today, etc?, try the BBC, or al jazeera, or Koreatimes, or CBC ( Canada ) or any other countries reporting and be done with the in your face flash player advertisements.

I know that this is a subject that I have iched about before, but it's even at the flippen gas pumps now, and there is no ( legal ) way to shut it off.

I asked the people at the counters if there was a place to pay the pump to shut up!

We had a laugh as I was told that I was not the first person to ask.

If often thought that a pin through the speaker holes would allow me to tear up enough of the speakers paper to render it non offensive, but then there are the cameras that would make me pay for the repair.

Perhaps a big ol wad of gum, or half of a big mac would do the trick!


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