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User: Keith

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PostIt's been Quiet this Season Posted: 2017/03/07 7:47pm  Reply with quote

In as much as this forum was down for a while, I can understand why there hasn't been much back and forth ( at least here ) about this seasons " VOTE FOR " patrons.

At the intersections around town there are signs that advocate voting for our children.

That is truly an honorable objective.

But how DO we vote for our children, when in fact, our votes are for the discretion of the caretakers of our children.

If we look into the future a bit, ( and into the past ) we might see that no one ever has their tombstone read, " I wish I had worked more."

That is simply not the case anywhere. We all hope to have enough left in us to be able to spend time with our family's.

After all, our quest for money ( not currency ) is that it is a vessel to store our time in. Time when we choose to stop the rat race and LIVE in what little time we may have left.

So I ask you to consider one thing when you read these emotionally charged calling cards. When you vote for our children, who's bank of time gets the benefits.

Is it the time you wished one day that you should have spent with your kids, or is the time that you are banking, placed into another IRA.

You work longer because CURRENCY has no buying power, money does.

Think about it just a little bit.

Most banks, the people who's business it is to peddle credit ( debt ) do not even have the desire to handle the chump change they claim is money.

Can any of you bring your months change to your bank and have them machine count it anymore?

Even they know it isn't worth the effort. That is why it will always take more and more of it to get a simple cup of coffee.

Simply quit the bad habits.

So vote for the children ( who by the way, as citizens of the US, each owe more than $60,000 Right now )

Really mean it when you vote for the children, by spending time with them !

Put that cyclic tax increasing vote directly into THEIR IRA.

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